There is a big difference between a good lender and a bad lender. It is important to choose your lender wisely as they are a key component in the success of your purchase. We recommend you use a lender that you know or someone who comes highly recommended from someone you know and trust. A poor lender lacks communication skills and will often neglect to keep their clients, agents, and escrow informed of crucial problems. Ultimately they put you at risk to lose your earnest money. A good lender will be on track with your application, file all the necessary paperwork, communicate with you, your agent and escrow about any foreseeable problems, and manage your file to the very end ensuring your loan will fund on-time and as promised.

Many of our clients have used our preferred lenders and have been very happy with their reliable and trustworthy performance.  We have preselected lenders that came highly reccomended to us and have continued to provide great follow-thru.

From mortgage calculators to credit scores, here is where you'll learn everything you need to know about your home mortgage.

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